About Local Mapps

A new concept for hospitality!

All hotels and hostels are convinced that sustainability is very important but there is still a large amount of unnecessary waste. All these city activities are still promoted with paper brochures. While we live in an era where people are very familiar with their own device.

It’s outdated, not sustainable and has not a tidy appearance.

Local Mapps provides your hotel, hostel or venue a city Mapp with QR codes to display. Sizes A0, A1 or A2. It’s also possible to show our Local Mapp on narrowcasting (high segment).

We do also provide the Local APP. It is a webbased APP, no download needed but it works as your own platform. It is easy to guide your visitors within your own company. Control and navigation within your own preferences.

The Local Mapp and the Local Apps reinforce each other and connect each other.

It achieves reach in a very easy, smart and measurable way.

Hotels (MAPP) <-> Tourism <-> Local entrepreneurs : restaurants, shops, tours, musea, galeries (APP)

Local Mapps brings local entrepreneurs, municipalities, nearby regions and greater tourist attractions closer. With our technology the Local MAPP and the Local APP we empower accommodations/DMO’s to provide the best and most up to date city/region information to their guests.

We offer our services for all cities in the world. We currently expanding in Europe.

Our technology also supports other industries. We would be happy to inform you about the possibilities. You can sent an email to info@localmapps.com

Scan all the QR Codes on the citymap at your hotel and GO!

Relevant and trustworthy information
More useful and straight forward information then Google

Good quality content from the city/region it self

Transparent information, 1 tool for inspiration, tickets, routes etc
Scan & Go – easy does it!

Clean desk | New way of traveling!

LOCAL MAPPS, Innovative, interactive and informative!


LOCAL MAPP: A citymap with QR codes to buy tickets, read hotelinformation or to discover hidden gems in town (for hotels)

LOCAL APP: A webbased app that informs your guests in an easy fast way.. You can communicate directly (whatsap, DM), your company can promote the menu’s or weekly’s offer, to navigate your guests.

We connect all restaurants, bars, clubs or shops in the area to the Local Mapps in hotels with our Local APP. (For local entrepreneurs)


Statistics |No download | All your services behind 1 qr code (no ugly black/white) Always up to date | Expandable | Time and money saving | Sustainable | User friendly | Links to socials | Share quickly

Professional appearance |No third party advertising | Design QR possible | 1 point of contact | Low costs | Full service

Tourism Innovation Awards, Sevilla 2020

In 2020 we received the award:

The Best New Business Model Award by CaixaBank

The Founder started the company in 2019 and continued 2021 with the new name Local Mapps.


What our clients have to say

‘It’s a cool design with QR codes! And our guests are very enthousiastic about this digital Mapp!’

“Local Mapps contributes to a clean desk policy and it’s covid proof!”

“Why didn’t this exist much earlier? We’re very happy with this concept!”